The holidays are upon us and the temperatures are dropping! At Metropolitan Roofing, we’ve been around for over 31 years providing top quality roofs and roof repairs to the greater Seattle area and we know Washington State winter weather can be extreme! One minute is can be mild and the next a snow storm!

Many of you are now wondering what you can do about ice and snow build up on your roof and how to protect your roof and home from the damaging elements. Metropolitan Roofing is here to help!

The good news is some snow on your roof can be beneficial to your home! A thin layer of snow coverage can aid in insulating your home and reduce your heating and energy costs while protecting it from the freezing elements. To maximize your energy efficiency consider adding insulation to your attic space and improving your roof ventilation to avoid condensation damage. If you are currently having your roof replaced be sure to have a self-sealing membrane installed under the new roofing system to help prevent water damage. If you have a metal roof it is a great idea to install snow guards above your entrances to avoid falling ice and snow as well as damage to your gutters.

However unlikely in the Pacific Northwest, if you find you've gotten 2 feet of snow on your roof it is time to remove it to avoid damage to your roof. In this situation you can hire a roofing company to remove it professionally or remove it yourself if it is safe. 

And even MORE good news! The cost of lumber has gone down dramatically making your roof project more affordable than ever! If you are in need of repairs or reroofing now is the time!

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