About Metropolitan Roofing

metal roof with skylights

Our History

Metropolitan Roofing was founded in 1991 with a commitment to crafting high quality roofs for our customers. This is something that hasn’t changed over the years and has only been perfected over time. We know that a roof is only as good as its raw materials, and cutting corners is for the other guys. With our hands-on owner and dedicated, professional team, we can ensure a high quality job from start to finish.

The Team

The Metropolitan Roofing team is more than a team, they are a family. Some of their members have worked with them for over 15 years. They have developed long-lasting relationships with their Seattle homeowners and love bringing new homeowners and families into the Metropolitan Roofing family. The team truly values their customers and is committed to serving them with high-quality work and responsive customer service. When the team works on your roof, they do the same quality work as they would on their own roofs. 

The Company

Metropolitan Roofing is a company that stands behind its work. They value quality and honesty, and take the homeowner’s needs into account for every decision. They have earned a reputation of being one of the best roofing companies in Seattle. Understanding the value of green energy, Metropolitan Roofing is paving the way for the future with their Solar Ready roofing systems. They are proud to be one of the only roofing companies in the country building Solar Ready roofs and are excited to serve homeowners interested in renewable energy solutions.

How We Work

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