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From the Rooftop Blog

Metropolitan Roof's From The Rooftop Blog keeps you up to speed on how to choose and maintain the best roof for your home or business.


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Sun Tunnels: Good For You!

Kathleen Finn

Sun tunnels and skylights do wonders for your home environment. That’s a given. Opening up dark nooks and exposing otherwise ignored spaces is good design. Yet, did you know that suntunnels and skylights are also good for your health? For us northern latitude dwellers, light is in short supply at this time of year and for the remainder of winter -- and that shortage of sunlight can wreak havoc with your brain chemistry. Too little light throws your biological clock out of order, which reduces levels of serotonin (a mood-regulating brain chemical) and melatonin (a sleep and mood-regulating hormone). This can lead to depression, fatigue and lethargy -- and too much time in front of Netflix.

So, give your brain a break and let in some light. It will do you good! You will reap benefits even on overcast days, since the brain responds to natural light, not just bright sunshine (although that’s a bonus!)

Call us for a consultation on how to best incorporate some ‘sky’ into your home.

Earth Day: 5 Ways to Make your Roof Eco-Friendly

Kathleen Finn

Building a green home? Looking to conserve energy as Earth Day rounds the bend? Either way, there are choices you can make when building and maintaining a new roof that can significantly affect your home’s energy output for the long term.

First, consider your roofing material choices.

1. Recycled material content: Shop for shingles that are made with post-consumer content such as plastic, rubber or wood fiber.

2. Longevity: How long will your roof last? Metal roofs last up to 50 years, cedar shake roofs range from 30-50 years, while composition roofs can last 12-15 .

3. Reusability: Metal roofs, once disassembled, are completely recyclable. cedar shakes can also be recycled. Depending on your choice of composition shingles, they can be recycled to a degree.

Read more about the advantages of each roof on our From the Rooftop Blog.

4. Solar Panels: A big investment that creates your own energy, solar panels can be easily affixed to standing seam metal roofs.

5. Roof Color: Choose white or light-colored roofs to reduce heat gain.

Contact us to find out more ways to conserve and manage energy via your roof. Speak directly to a roofing specialist at Metropolitan Roofing.