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From the Rooftop Blog

Metropolitan Roof's From The Rooftop Blog keeps you up to speed on how to choose and maintain the best roof for your home or business.


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5 Reasons Why to Choose a Cedar Shake Roof

Kathleen Finn

Is Cedar on your list of roof material choices? Here are a few reasons to say yes to cedar.

1. Beauty: Each cedar shingle is hand-cut and creates a natural, rustic look for your home. Homeowners can choose from ambers, reds, golds and browns. Cedar ages gracefully, turning into a gray-silver color over time.

2. Long-lasting: Cedar is one of the world’s toughest woods and lasts at least 10 years longer than asphalt – racking up 30-50 years of coverage for your home.

3. Weather Resistant: It’s not surprisingly that cedar, indigenous to the Northwest is resistant to strong winds, hurricanes, heavy rains, snow and hail.

4. Energy Efficient: A natural insulator, cedar provides insulation up to 2x that of asphalt shingles, thus helping homeowners save on heating and cooling costs.

5. Stability: A low-density material with minimal shrinkage, cedar maintains its original dimensions in humid conditions. It lies flat, stays straight and holds fastenings tight.

Contact us to find out more about cedar shake roofs and other roofing choices.


Is It Time for a New Roof?

Kathleen Finn

It's home-buying and selling season and thoughts turn to roofs. Are you wondering if it's time to retire your old roof and trade it in for a new one? Here’s a checklist to help you determine if it’s time!

  • Roof shingles are falling apart or missing.
  • Curling or buckling shingles, in particular on the south-facing side of your house. You want your shingles to lie flat.
  • Damaged roof valleys. These can make your roof susceptible to leaks.
  • Shingle granules in gutters. Roof shingles start to shed loose granules toward the end of their life cycle.
  • Leaks and light in the attic. Are you seeing stains or streaks in your attic? Is light shining through in some areas? Those are signs of a weakened roof.
  • A sagging roof. It’s an obvious sign of a tired roof. Poor roofing material or weakened shingles due to excessive moisture or weight (think snow) can bow the strongest of roofs. You may also have a structural issue with your internal framing.
  • Excessive home cooling costs. These can be the result of too much heat seeping through the roof. Inadequate ventilation in warmer months requires the cooling system to run excessively.
  • Dark or stained areas on roof. Protective granules on your shingles may have worn away, thus allowing for the growth of vegetation, fungus, algae or mold.
  • Damaged flashing. The material that wraps around your vents, chimney or skylights will degrade over time and can create leaks. In older homes, cement or tar was used for flashing. If yours is showing signs of age, consider upgrading to metal flashing.

If your roof is fairly new and you are experiencing any of the above, you might simply be due for some roof maintenance or some simple upgrades. Give us a call at 206-248-3737 or schedule a free consultation and we will come and check it out.

5 Reasons Why to Choose a Comp Roof

Kathleen Finn

Composition roofs are comprised of shingles built on fiberglass or organic paper fiber, covered in asphalt and coated with mineral granules. Is a composition roof right for you? Read the reasons why it just may be.

1. Affordability. This is your best choice if the bottom line is cash outlay. Composition roofs have a shorter lifespan of about 12-15 years, the trade-off for a smaller investment up front.

2. Easy to replace. Cut down on repair costs with shingles that are easy to replace. No need to retire your entire roof, just replace damaged shingles as needed.

3. Variety of colors, styles, textures. There are more aesthetic choices when it comes to a composition roof. Choose the look and feel that fits with your home’s architectural style.

4. Fire and wind resistant. Composition shingles offer fair to moderate amounts of protection against fire and wind.

5. Ease of installation. Composition roofs are easier to install than other types of roofs, which keeps the price of this particular roof low. The shingles are low-to-medium weight, so roofing contractors do not need additional structural support to install. No special tools or skills are required, either.

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