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5 Reasons Why to Choose a Comp Roof

From the Rooftop Blog

Metropolitan Roof's From The Rooftop Blog keeps you up to speed on how to choose and maintain the best roof for your home or business.


5 Reasons Why to Choose a Comp Roof

Kathleen Finn

Composition roofs are comprised of shingles built on fiberglass or organic paper fiber, covered in asphalt and coated with mineral granules. Is a composition roof right for you? Read the reasons why it just may be.

1. Affordability. This is your best choice if the bottom line is cash outlay. Composition roofs have a shorter lifespan of about 12-15 years, the trade-off for a smaller investment up front.

2. Easy to replace. Cut down on repair costs with shingles that are easy to replace. No need to retire your entire roof, just replace damaged shingles as needed.

3. Variety of colors, styles, textures. There are more aesthetic choices when it comes to a composition roof. Choose the look and feel that fits with your home’s architectural style.

4. Fire and wind resistant. Composition shingles offer fair to moderate amounts of protection against fire and wind.

5. Ease of installation. Composition roofs are easier to install than other types of roofs, which keeps the price of this particular roof low. The shingles are low-to-medium weight, so roofing contractors do not need additional structural support to install. No special tools or skills are required, either.

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