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Curious About Skylights?

From the Rooftop Blog

Metropolitan Roof's From The Rooftop Blog keeps you up to speed on how to choose and maintain the best roof for your home or business.


Curious About Skylights?

Kathleen Finn

Aside from their dramatic aesthetic appeal, there are practical reasons why these rooftop embellishments are a great addition to your home.

Energy Efficiency: Cut down on your electrical lighting by allowing natural light to flow into your living space. Warm, natural light beats a light-bulb any day of the week. Watch your electrical bill shrink. And, to reward your energy efficient efforts, Seattle City Light offers a $50 mail-in rebate for skylights and windows that meet their requirements.

Privacy: Windows let in the light, but they let in the public as well. Skylights bring light and ensure privacy in the places you want it most – bedrooms and bathrooms.

Energize Small Spaces: A tucked away laundry room, a window-less bathroom or a cramped office calls for light that a skylight can bring. Spaces that are awkwardly positioned work well with tubular skylights that draw light down and into your home.

Ventilation: Venting skylights pull warm air up through the window and create a cooling effect. Think of it as passive air conditioning for your home.

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