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From the Rooftop

From the Rooftop Blog

Metropolitan Roof's From The Rooftop Blog keeps you up to speed on how to choose and maintain the best roof for your home or business.


From the Rooftop

Dina Gruenfeld

Keep Your Roof Clean

A hallmark of fall are the colorful leaves that cover our trees. Much of that colorful decoration will end up on your roof and in your gutters. Add in a bunch of rain and you could end up with piles of decomposing leaves filling and blocking your gutters. Gutters are meant to hold and transport water, not solid material. Wet leaves weigh down the gutters, which after time, could lead them to pull away from the eaves.

Leaves can also back up behind skylights and cause the water to run sideways off your roof. You want the water to run into the gutters and out to the city drain or to your yard rain barrel. Water running to and fro can cause water pooling and mold build-up, among other things. This is especially important for flat roofs. With no pitch, the leaves and debris just land and stay where they are. So, don’t forget your roof cleaning maintenance. Keep leaves and other debris off the roof. We can help you! Call us today for your fall roof maintenance appointment.